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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Melissa Gilbert and her 'Tale of Two T-----s'

From Half-Pint to 34EE

Gilbert as 'Half-Pint' Laura Ingalls Wilder
Melissa Gilbert is pretty much a hero of mine. She started out as a buck-toothed, young girl who played Laura Ingalls Wilder on the long-running TV sitcom Little House of the Prairie, which was based on the books by the author of the same name.

Everything about the 70s (when the show premiered), seemed so much more natural. Actresses had normal noses, crooked teeth, god-awful hair styles and just looked plain NORMAL.

I haven't posted to my blog lately, because I've been busy with SO much stuff, but after I read this article about Gilbert and her struggles and epiphany of what it means to be beautiful, I had to re-post.

Melissa goes into detail on her blog, in a post titled 'A Tale of Two Titties,' about how Hollywood and her douche-y ex-husband made her feel inadequate and insecure about her natural body. So much so, that she had a nose job and two breast implant surgeries. At one point her bosom was a 34EE.

A bustier Gilbert
She's not a hefty woman by any means ... she stands only 5'3" tall. To carry a load around of 34EEs had to have caused some sort of distress on her small frame!

Well she's back in the news now, and she's telling the world that what media, men and society do to women to make them feel adequate is plain wrong, and she's going back under the knife to get her natural self back by having her implants removed once and for all.

I love Melissa Gilbert, and her words and actions should mean a lot to a lot of women.