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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Making waves and history

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Robyn Lawley is Robyn Lawley

I ran across an interesting article today by CNN about an Australian woman and model named Robyn Lawley. Many people describe Robyn as a plus-sized model. Why? Because she's not a size 0 model.

Robyn Lawley un-touched and makeup-free.
But Robyn is hardly plus-sized. On her facebook page, she even said she doesn't call herself a plus-sized model, because she "can understand the ramifications to young women who see [her] body and then think "if she is plus size what does that make me?"

Robyn is 6'2'' and her weight is appropriate and healthy for her height. In fact, she loves eating food and isn't afraid to admit that. According to her Facebook page, she enjoys working out, photography and designing. Robyn is Robyn, and she doesn't need a title to define her or her career.

Robyn has become something of a super-star activist and role model for girls and women. I mean look at the photo above! She is beautiful. She is healthy. She is strong. She is confident. She is proud of who she is, and she doesn't have a problem showing the world who she is under the makeup and digital alterations. Robyn has the star power to influence and make a difference in our society. She can change what is considered beautiful.

Robyn rocking out a bikini
Making waves and history

And The Huffington Post ran an article about Robyn back in November talking about her bikini modeling career and how Ralph Lauren selected her as its first "plus-sized" model.

Robyn is a success story and telling people how it is whether they like it or not.

"My message is clear 'love your body right now as is…..we have a short life and hating yourself or trying to be something your [sic] not is a waste of your time….be proud that you can walk, when a lot of people can't, be proud that you can see, when others are blind……I'm tired of spending so much time caring about how we look…..I know thats [sic] rich coming from a model but I chose to live my life to the fullest…by constantly taking up hobbies, cooking, photography, djing and designing. I try to teach myself how to be a better person, how to help protect our environment and how to help others.'"

Rock on, Robyn!

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