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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Something Worthy"

Carol Rossetti, globalization, art, body image, women, girls, worth


One artist at a time

Example from Carol's Facebook Fan Page
Carol Rossetti is a Brazilian artist who is using her talents to spread the good word of what it means to be a woman no matter the imperfections. She will make a drawing catered to a specific woman, name her by name, direct a specific inspirational quote about the imperfection to that woman or girl, and make that quote something that all women can appreciate.

Carol has been doing these drawings for about four months, and her goal is to post at least one drawing per day. Most of her artwork is in her native language of Portuguese, but once in a while she will post something in English.

She has been quoted saying that she wants to draw while "doing something worthy."

Carol is a real inspiration, and she is doing her part to take a stance and make a change.

Even though I have traveled the world, I always thought that body image was something American women were hounded with...but with Carol's initiative, I now know it's global.

I encourage everyone to check it out and like her page -- even if you can't read Portuguese. 

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